Essentials of Professional Practice

Essentials of Professional Practice

INSTRUCTIONS Use materials covered as part of this course in-class and from the attached self-assessment resources and from elsewhere to answer the following questions. CULTURAL COMPETENCY Question #1 According to the Cultural Development Model, there are six stages towards achieving cultural competence: Stage 1. Cultural incompetence Do nothing to increase knowledge of different cultures. Stage 2. Cultural knowledge Assess cultural attitudes and knowledge. Learn facts about cultures, especially related to health and health behaviors. Stage 3. Cultural awareness Understand implications of culture on health behaviors. Stage 4. Cultural sensitivity Combine knowledge and awareness into individual and institutional behaviors. Stage 5. Cultural competency Routinely employ culturally appropriate health care interventions and practices. Stage 6. Cultural proficiency Practice with cultural competence and integrate it into one’s research and scholarship activities. Answer the following parts of this question: A. In which stage do you consider yourself to be? B. Give at least two (2) examples of behaviors or perceptions that place you at that stage? C. In which stage were you this time last year? Explain. D. How has the EPP-1 course contributed to your level of knowledge or skills in this area? E. Identify two (2) strategies you could use to move to a higher stage? Be specific. Explain why you chose these strategies. 2 PHRC 4861 Comprehensive Reflective Assessment Fall 2020 (continued) COURSE TOPICS Question #2 Select one of the topics covered in Module 2 of this course that you feel will be most beneficial to you as a future practicing pharmacist and reflect upon it. Explain why you selected this topic. Question #3 Explain how the presentation of the above-selected topic either changed your thinking and/or point of view of past-held beliefs or reinforced what you had already believed or knew. Format The reflective assessment must be posted before the stated deadline. Your reflection should be formatted in the same matter as the questions, with the question number listed and the corresponding answer given below it. You do NOT have to repeat the questions, but you may. The answer to each question should provide evidence of a deep reflection on the topic asked.

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