Exclusivity of Jewish Culture

Exclusivity of Jewish Culture

-How does ‘Tacitus, HIstories‘ (source 6.2) relate the exclusivity of Jewish culture to the resentment of Jews by others?

2-How does ‘Marcus Aurelius, Meditations‘ (source 6.4A) emulate the advice of Epictetus (source 6.1), and would this have been more difficult for an emperor to follow?

3-After reading ‘Suetonius, Lives of the Twelve Caesars: Caligula; Claudius’ (source 6.3)was Claudius’s seeming respect for the Senate merely a fraud?

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4-According to ‘Epictetus, Enchiridion I, V, XIV’ (source 6.1), how should the examples of Socrates and Zeno inform the behavior of a wise person?

5-According to ‘Tacitus, HIstories‘ (source 6.2) , what was the effect of one-man rule on the entire state’s moral character?

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