Federalists vs Anti Federalists and Conclusion Discussion

Federalists vs Anti Federalists and Conclusion Discussion

Answer the first question Which perspective [Federalist or Anti-Federalist] do you identify with? with one or two sentences.

[I would consider myself a ____ because _____.]

Part 2

Respond to the question below. All responses should focus on this week’s reading and be limited to a paragraph or two. DO NOT use outside sources. Please consider the writings / quotes from the assigned readings.


Which perspective do you identify with? Which position do you find most persuasive?—those that argue that the Constitution represents a threat to the liberties of the people and an attempt to impose aristocratic rule or those that argue that the Constitution gives expression to republican values?

Respond to your classmates responses. Do you agree with them? Do you disagree with them?

Grading Rubric

Points/Grade Grading Rubric
5 Points / Exceptional
  • Offers evidence of serious reflection on the reading, going beyond what has been discussed in class previously
  • Contributes meaningfully to an understanding of the text
  • Includes specific references (QUOTES) to the reading
  • Is written in a clear, concise manner
  • Responds to classmates
4 Points / Satisfactory
  • Displays command of the reading and other course material
  • Lacks depth and detail
  • Lacks quotes
  • Ideas are not fully developed
3 Points / Underdeveloped
  • Displays limited understanding of the reading
  • The posting consists largely of description or summary
  • Fails to provide specific textual references
2 Points / Limited
  • The posting is unfocused and undeveloped
  • Does not respond to classmates

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