Expected Child Abuse Paper

 Expected Child Abuse Paper

It is very important that as a teacher you address your fears and focus on the fact that you are required by law to report any suspicion of abuse or neglect.

This week you have an opportunity to ask questions, share your experiences ( please do not mention names or schools where you may have had to report) but we can discuss incidents in a confidential way to help everyone learn.

*******************you should give an example of physical abuse in the neighbor or in church, friends family, community…. etc and then answer the questions

1-What, if anything, worries you about having to report suspected child abuse?

2-If you have had to report, and are comfortable, please share how you remember feeling about making the call to Child Protective Services? (explain how you making the call about the buses child)

3-Neglect is also a reportable situation. Are you comfortable you know how to identity neglect? Give us an example of neglect.

4-Post anything else that may be on your mind about child abuse reporting.

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