History of Russia Historical Sources of Caucasian Conflict

History of Russia Historical Sources of Caucasian Conflict

The topic for this discussion is ‘Historical sources of Caucasian conflict. Try to keep your original response essay to the question to between 350 – 450 words.

Ideas you can discuss to help with your discussion

Why Russian foreign policies in several past centuries always consider the Caucasus region as very important topic?

Why the Caucasus, has been for many centuries, a very tense region? (Show some cultural, national, economic, political reasons)

What is your opinion about self-determination of the different nations in this region?

Do you think it is more important (history example please) to save sovereignty of a country, or give freedom for small nations to decide with who and how they want to live in future?

Russia and Caucasus have a long history together and commonality of interests during the last many centuries. Discuss the longterm relationship between Russia (Russian Empire) and Caucasus region. Was it more a positive or a negative experience? (Please use historical facts and examples)

Abkhazian and the Ossetian nations have had a long history with Georgia. Do you think these tensions and conflicts are new, or has this been a reoccurring problem for many years? Do you think this conflict is ethnic between people of different nationalities, or political between governments?

If you have any other good ideas about this topic, please share them with us.

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