The Evolution of War and Modern Strategies

The Evolution of War and Modern Strategies

 This essay must be well-written, and free of spelling and grammatical errors. The essay will be judged on the quality of your understanding of your chosen topic and discussion of the historiography. You should be able to organize a large body of material and facts (and too few facts that are reliable) in order to produce a coherent argument about your topic that is well organized and supported by primary and secondary sources. Style: Times New Roman 12 point Referencing: you should use Chicago Style (footnote) referencing Length: at least 2,000 words Sources: at least 5 different sources (use both primary and secondary sources). Use academic sources only. Avoid the internet as a secondary source (it can be useful for preliminary research but look up the references and use them instead). The library has a small collection of books and journals but does has access to many more online. Use JSTOR to find scholarly articles. Primary sources can be harder to find and you may need to use an online version. This is fine but be careful that it is from a reliable source. Presentation: along with the paper you will also be expected to make a short presentation based on your research that should last 5-7 minutes. You can read your paper, create a PowerPoint, or you can get creative. Ancient medicine Mummification Development of tools in the stone age Perisan tolerance influence by Babylonian oppressin Zoroastrianism Greek mythology Origins of Greek art Poltical influence of religion Roman infrastructure/ruler Evolution of war Greek architecture Athenian imperialism Egyptian influence on later societies Akhenaten Achilles Greeks v. Romans Song of Roland Egyptian burial rites The Nile Greek art and architecture Akhenaten Cleopatra Law codes Punic Wars/Hannibal Alexander Persian impact on Classical Greece Medicine? Trade in Egypt Greek philosophy …

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