Information system securities (Example)

Information system securities (Example)

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Cybersecurity Name Institution Professor Course Date Introduction Technology and security have mainly driven for the development of several new devices. Its use in security has led to success and development of much business which have fully benefited from technology development. It has primarily changed for the ways several people found in the society thin live as well as eat. Based on the security area there must be implementations of some guidelines set by the companies for the purposes of security. Security has a very crucial and integral task in how each of the elements from management technology is used. There should cost effective within any moment of technology use either u an individual or a company. Security and data by virtual or physical currently are becoming very highly important to almost all the organization (Stoneburner 2001). Technology has been used by several companies in order to protect themselves from privacy would also be protected to some extent as people would be very careful to temper with others information. There need for situational awareness as they greatly help people in understanding the security of their situational information system via the continued monitoring. References Ahson S. A. & Ilyas M. (2017). RFID handbook: applications technology security and privacy. CRC press. Bowyer K. W. (2004). Face recognition technology: security versus privacy. IEEE Technology and society magazine  23(1) 9-19. Boyer S. W. Venna N. & Ando M. (2016). U.S. Patent Application No. 13/240 572. Cavusoglu H. Mishra B. & Raghunathan S. (2005). The value of intrusion detection systems in information technology security architecture. Information Systems Research  16(1) 28-46. Stoneburner G. (2001). Underlying technical models for information technology security (No. Special Publication (NIST SP)-800-33). Wolf M. Minzlaff M. & Moser M. (2014). Information technology security threats to modern e-enabled aircraft: A cautionary note. Journal of Aerospace Information Systems  11(7) 447-457. []

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