Intra American Slave Trade Database Discussion

Intra American Slave Trade Database Discussion

This week’s Primary Source Exercise is different from the first one you completed two weeks ago. I ask you to spend ONE HOUR on the site and follow these instructions:

1) go to after you have viewed the recorded conversation with Prof. Alex Borucki and the week’s lectures.

2) view the entire “Timelapse” of slave ships crossing the Atlantic on the home page.

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3) Click on some of the other main links and read the descriptive material: “Slave Ship in 3D View,” “Timeline of Estimates,” etc. I would recommend you take notes as you read the material and view the links.

4) Scroll down and examine some of the records in the “Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database” and the “Intra-American Slave Trade Database.” Think about what you find in the records of individual ships.

5) Now that you’ve completed these steps, write a clear and articulate 250-word paragraph that addresses the following questions: How can this website and database help students of history to understand the many dimensions of the trans-Atlantic trade? How does expand upon what you learned in the textbook and lectures about the “middle passage”? Be careful to not plagiarize anything from the internet or fellow students because your paragraph goes through “Turnitin.”