Muslim Religion After the September 9/11 Incident with the USA Discussion

Muslim Religion After the September 9/11 Incident with the USA Discussion

Papers should focus on a particular (approved) aspect of (or topic in) the history of religion in the United States. Papers should reflect familiarity with the history of research on that (particular) topic and provide the reader with a critical and chronological overview of that topic’s significance. Papers would thus ideally focus on and frame a particular problem, question, or contested site in the historical study of American religion. Papers should be no less than 10 pages (not including title page or bibliography) and include at least five scholarly sources. A peer-reviewed scholarly source is either published in a journal or book. Papers should be double-spaced, in Times New Roman, using 12 pt. font (except for footnotes, in 10 pt). Chicago Style Formatting (w/footnotes and bibliography).


The topic that should be discussed in this prompt is about Religion after 9/11 specifically the muslim culture and how their religion was tainted and how the rest of society viewed the muslim people after the horrible tragedy.

Make sure the sources found from outside are ll credible and to explain the topic very well. Also please don’t forget that the prompt is Chicago format which means there should be bibliography that must be set in alphabetical order by the authors last name and the foot notes should be provided with explanations not citations.

Be as creative as you possibly can with this prompt and if you have any questions please let me know I am here to help.

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