Land Deed and The Code of Nesilim Discussions

Land Deed and The Code of Nesilim Discussions

The This week we have 2 primary sources from the Hittites:

  • Hittite Land Deed
  • Excerpts from The Code of Nesilim (1650-1500 BCE)

and one from Indus Civilization:

  • Selections from The Rig Veda (around 1000 BCE

I want you all to answer two questions from the question bank below in 200 words each. Please copy-paste the questionsyou are answering alongside your responses. I also strongly suggest all of you to attend the Tuesday/Thursday lectures before coming up with your responses:

  • Describe the changed position of women in Hittite civilization from the River Valley Civilizations, using specific examples with citations from the Hittite sources. (Do not just provide examples but explain the examples)
  • Describe the different legal positions of free men and slaves in Hittite civilization using examples with citations. (Do not just provide examples but explain the examples)
  • Use examples from the Land Deed and the Hittite Law Code to explain what kind of economic production was present at the time.
  • Why is there so much detailed focus in Hittite laws on aspects of human and animal sexual acts? This is not just a personal opinion piece, you have to back up your arguments with the examples and explanations.
  • What kind of divinity does Indra in RigVeda represent? How is it different or similar to the earlier discussions on divinity in River Valley Civilizations?
  • In what ways does the Rig Veda connect “kingly attributes” to Indra? Can you infer what it means for the Rig Vedic idea of Kingship/leadership?


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