Management in Healthcare Questions

Management in Healthcare Questions

  • The healthcare industry has a much lower level of adoption of digital records than other industries (e.g. banking with ATM’s, airlines with web-based, mobile-based reservations). Why is that? Why has it been so difficult to achieve widespread use of electronic medical records (EMRs)?
  • Primary care is the backbone of the U.S. healthcare delivery system and yet primary care physicians are in critically short supply. Explain the causes this problem and offer possible solutions
  • The case on the founding of the Rollins School of Public Health clearly illustrated strategic executive decision making in a high risk-high reward environment. Describe the situation and how various elements of the process carry over to all businesses and demonstrates effective leadership.

Each answer should be less than or equal to 1 page per question. Double Spaced and 12-point font.

I have uploaded the template under “Mid-Term.docx” this is the file you need to answer the questions on. I have also uploaded the case needed to answer the Rollins School of Public Health question.

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