The Triple Aim Initiative Quality Triangle in Healthcare System Discussion

The Triple Aim Initiative Quality Triangle in Healthcare System Discussion

Many have said that “It is not possible to have a health care system with all three of the triangle – Access, Cost, and Quality. One may be able to formulate a system in which two of these three goals is achieved, but never all three”. (This implies easy access, affordable cost, and high quality). However, Don Berwick, the former CMS Administrator and founder of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), has a different perspective. In a recent publication titled “We Can Have It All,” he states, “I am absolutely certain that we can have what we want and need—better care, better health, and lower costs—all at the same time.” Dr. Berwick refers to this model as the “Triple Aim.” Berwick’s publication is posted in this week’s learning module. (1) Which perspective do you agree with and why? (2)Write a paper that includes your position along with examples, resources, literature, problems & potential solutions, etc. to support your standpoint. Recently, many have argued and have moved on to include a fourth aim of improving employee/provider satisfaction. (3) What is your stance on the 4th aim. Dr. Berwick wrote the foreword to our textbook Transforming Healthcare. You must include references of at least 1 quality example listed between chapters 3-6 in the Kenney et al. text. Note specifically the page numbers you are drawing from.

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