PDX Pharmacy System

The Rasmen Pharmacy will be new to the area but it is centrally located by the busiest critical care center in your state. Due to the extensive advertising and promotional campaign, the pharmacy is expecting to average 400 scripts per 12-hour day. Those numbers are expected to rise quickly, since the only competing pharmacy is only open 8-hours per day and is several miles away.

You will need to make sure your Pharmacy Technicians are prepared to take in new prescriptions, exemplify good customer service skills, and manage their time effectively while completing tasks.

Many retail pharmacies utilize a variety of software programs in their day-to-day operations. You will need to make sure your Pharmacy Technicians are capable of quickly assisting customers by having a clear understanding of this software. You will apply the transferable skill of digital fluency for this assignment.

The contract for the software currently used by Rasmen Pharmacy is expiring soon and they have asked you to investigate potential replacements. They plan on selecting one of the following:

  • PDX Pharmacy System
  • ScriptPro Pharmacy Software
  • PioneerRX
  • HBS Pharmacy Software
  • Epicor Eagle Pharmacy Retail Software
  • Cerner Etreby
  • QS/1 Pharmacy Management Software

Select a minimum of 3 software packages from the list above, then locate and explore the manufacturers’ website for each. Write a 2-3 page paper in APA format that addresses the following:

  1. For each of the software packages you selected, provide:
    1. Name of the software
    2. Brief description of the software
    3. Explanation of at least 1 benefit and 1 drawback of that software package
    4. Discuss which internal, company website pages you used to assist with your software analysis.
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