Police brutality in America

Police brutality in America

Institution Instructor Course Date Police brutality; research proposal Introduction I. The history of police brutality in America- the 1928 Illinois crime survey shows that the rate of disagreements between police and the citizens was rising at an alarming rate. Today it has become worse and is skewed alongside ethnic relationships. II. What causes police brutality- in most cases the disagreements between the corps and the citizens is due to the nagging of the policeman. Stress and fatigue are also associated with police males. 7. Types of resources used – I. the researcher will need money for traveling II. Fuel and. III. He will also need money for photocopying and binding of the research paper. 8. This study is meant to gather comprehensible efforts. I. The data will be collected between 11 October and 17th. II. The analysis will be on 1th and the presentation is done from 21st. III. The recommendations shortcomings and the need for further research in the area will be drawn. []

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