Social Network in Interpersonal Conflicts Discussion

Social Network in Interpersonal Conflicts Discussion

Explain where you live now and why you choose to live there. Compare that to where you see yourself living in your retirement and why you would make that choice at that time. ( I live now in Philadelphia and I will back to my country when I finish my school).

2. What benefits and burdens have you seen result from someone providing care to an older adult family member? Explain.

3. List three ways adult children can impact, positively or negatively, the health and well-being of their older adult parents. Explain.

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4. Describe your social network, including what types of friendships you have, what activities you do together, and what supports (if any) you provide to each other. Identify what aspects of your social network you value most and what parts of it you could live without.

Provide references if it is necessary. and fo APA format.