The Greater Manchester Community Health Needs Assessment

The Greater Manchester Community Health Needs Assessment

The Greater Manchester Community Health Needs Assessment:You have a copy of the 2016 report for the Greater Manchester community (with help from the City of Manchester Health Department).…



The Affordable Care Act (ACA) added a requirement in 2010 mandating that hospitals that are not-for-profit will conduct a community health needs assessment (CHNA) at least every 3 years or risk losing their non-profit status.


The Greater Manchester Community Health Needs Assessment:

You have a copy of the 2016 report for the Greater Manchester community (with help from the City of Manchester Health Department).



Your task:

You will explore this health assessment, noting the findings and where they got their information.  You may work with a partner and each submit the same document for your team.



  1. Read the introduction
  2. What communities are covered in the “needs assessment?”
  3. Think about “Person”
    1. What is one reason that the city is growing in size?
    2. What does the report tell you about the people in the area (age, ethnicity, other)? Choose three different aspects to report on and give me some details on each characteristic.
    3. Where did they find the information?
    4. How many languages are spoken in the Manchester school system?
  4. What information do they tell you about the poverty levels in Manchester?
    1. Share any notable information you found.
    2. Anything regarding free and reduced meal plans?
    3. Homelessness?
    4. How do these possibly predict the health of a community?
  5. Health Behaviors and Risk Factors
    1. Where did they get the information for the “poor mental health days”?
      1. What does this information tell you as compared to NH?
      2. Any other observations based on other factors?
    2. They go into risk factors and outcomes such as suicide, substance abuse, etc.
      1. Read through them and choose one area (topic) to present the findings, the data source(s), and your impression on how this would impact the health of the community.
      2. Tip: Be sure to cite page numbers so I know where you were looking.
    3. Health Status and Outcomes


Table 1. Leading Causes of Death, 2010

  Manchester Health Service Area New Hampshire
Cancer 146.1 155.6
Heart Disease 144.6 139.4
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease 40.1 38.4

Rates per 100,000 population


  1. Table 1 shows the three leading causes of death in NH
    1. What are the differences between Manchester and NH overall.
    2. How do they compare with the target set by the Healthy People 2020?
  2. What are the three top in patient admissions and again, how does the Manchester HAS compare to NH?
    1. What do these say to you?
  3. Why does heart disease seem to be a particular issue for Manchester residents?
  4. Oral Health
    1. Anything stand out to you in the oral health section?
    2. Where did they find their data?
  5. Asthma
    1. What populations noted in the report are disproportionately affected by asthma?
  6. Birth and Infant Health Status
    1. Why are we interested in low birth weight and infant mortality?
    2. What does this data say to you?
  • Why do you think that is?
  1. Access to Health Care
    1. Access to care: Between the data and the focus groups there is a lot of information on the ability to access health care.  Reading over the material, what 3 points did you find most interesting?  How might they relate to disease control and prevention?
  2. Conclusion
    1. Summarize three of the identified needs
    2. Given what you read, do these seem like good priorities?
  3. Now go to the Appendices.
    1. What hypotheses can you make as to why dome behaviors are not different from the rest of the state, and why some are significantly worse?
  4. Please go to this document which summarizes information in NH for the State overall (not just Manchester).
    1. Please write a paragraph (about ¼ – 1/3 of a page) describing differences and similarities between the Manchester CHNA and this report.

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