The Joy of Recovery Guide to Recovery from Addiction Summary

The Joy of Recovery Guide to Recovery from Addiction Summary

TTM Assignment 5 Step 1: Thinking about TTM and HED ❖ TTM is interesting when we can ascertain where a person/people is/are on the road to unloading an unhealthy behavior or adopting a healthy one. ❖ But, many people fail on this road and the ability to overcome temptation seems to be key. ❖ Health educators may be wise to work with a target audience to help increase self-efficacy as applied to avoiding or overcoming temptation. Relationship between temptation and self-efficacy ❖ As you can see from the previous slide, it is difficult to plan a behavior change when temptation is high. ❖ As self-efficacy increases, so does the successful behavior change while overcoming temptation decreases. Your Job: ❖ Interview a person (18 or older please) who has recently attempted and/or changed a health-related behavior (the person cannot be you). ❖ For this interview, write 5 questions you would like to ask them about their relationship between self-efficacy and temptation when attempting to change or changing this behavior. (Feel free to show them the graph from slide 3 to help your explanation of the assignment.) You may find help at the Habits Lab site in this week’s folder. ❖ These questions should be specific to the behavior AND should uncover information that YOU as a health educator feel we should know in order to better use the TTM when working with people. ❖ Write down the questions, their response, and then an analysis of the response to each question from the point of view of “here’s what a health educator can learn/take away about self-efficacy or temptation avoidance” from the perspective of this one interviewee. …

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