Willpower Tremendous Ability to Hold Ourselves Back Discussion

Willpower Tremendous Ability to Hold Ourselves Back Discussion

After reading Chapter 6 in Willpower, go back and reread pages 132-133. The text authors propose an experiment to build willpower. For this week’s discussion, you can select either technique they propose (using your non-dominant hand or changing your speech habits). Begin your experiment work at the technique that you choose with determination. Three to four days later, stop your experiment and respond to these items in your discussion post:

*Which technique did you choose?

*Summarize your experience with this technique as the week progressed. Did you find it frustrating? What tools did you use to remind yourself to use the new technique?

*Was changing this habitual behavior successful over this short time span? Did you find yourself not needing as many reminders as you did when you first began?

*Did you notice that the willpower you were developing spilled over to other behaviors in your life? Were you more disciplined with eating or exercising? Did you find it easier to resist things that tempt you? Did your concentration improve? Were you less distracted by things in your environment? Did you arrive early or on-time for obligations?

*Your thoughts on trying this experiment

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