Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Big Data in Fintech (Example)

Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Big Data in Fintech (Example)

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How to tackle PFAA for big data course Storage for big data normally comprises scale-out NAS and object storage and several aspects to product hardware that act as a cost-efficient means of taking petabytes of data. One creates the Hadoop be a nice option for Web clickstreams log files sensor data posts social media and other forms of requests that result in big data though we have shortcomings to look at in such situations []

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Abstract: Personal Financial Management App (PFAA) is a mobile application which analyzes an individual’s spending and saving activities and financial profile to deliver a real-time advice based on personal needs and financial objectives. PFAA is an AI-based app which tracks an individual’s financial status and produces warnings against the financial activities which may make the client not meeting the financial objectives. PFAA uses data from the Internet to inform the client about the opportunities based on his/her needs to maximize the client’s savings. For instance, PFAA warns against spending money for an expensive applience when a similar cheaper applieance options were available at other nearby stores or warns how buying such an applience may make it difficult to pay rent in the current month. PFAA uses mixture of speech, text and touch interfaces to perform intelligent conversations with the client. PFAA users can learn about their spending patterns in real-time, such as a client can ask “How much did I spend on petrol this week?”, and execute transactions on the go, such as a client can give command “Pay rent!”. PFAA can adapt to user’s accent for intelligent conversations with the user. PFAA is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Natural Language Processing (NLP) , Big Data (BD) and Deep Learning (DL).

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