Redesigning linguistic landscapes

Redesigning linguistic landscapes

IS HOPKINS STREET IN FOOTSCRAY A SEMIOTIC OR LINGUISTIC LANDSCAPE? Introduction It is believed that there are numerous things coming into the mind when individuals think about Australia and Melbourne to be precise and one of them is the versatility in the types of languages that create the linguistic landscape of the area. Signs of different languages appear on the major streets of Melbourne and to a large extent many of the signs comprise of more than one language. Footscray being part of Melbourne and just 5km from Melbourne City also has features that make the signs that are found in the area to comprise of different languages. Hopkins Street in Footscray is occupied mainly by the Asian community with Vietnamese and Chinese making up the majority of the population. Hopkins Street in Footscray is set for boost boom in the restaurant business as well as groceries construction. It multilingualism in institutions. In S. Gardner & M. Martin-Jones (Eds.) Multilingualism discourse and ethnography (pp. 34–46). Abington: Routledge. Pappenhagen R. Scarvaglieri C. & Redder A. (2016). Expanding the linguistic landscape scenery? Action theory and linguistic ‘soundscaping’. In R. J. Blackwood (Ed.) Negotiating and contesting identities in linguistic landscapes (pp. 147–162). London: Bloomsbury Publishing Rymes B. (2010). Classroom discourse analysis: A focus on communicative repertoires. In N. Hornberger & S. McKay (Eds.) Sociolinguistics and language education (pp. 528–548). Bristol/Buffalo/Toronto: Multilingual Matters. Spolsky B. (2009). Prolegomena to a sociolinguistic theory of public signage. In E. Shohamy & D. Gorter (Eds.) Linguistic landscape: Expanding the scenery (pp. 25–39). New York: Routledge. Van Mensel L. Marten H. F. & Gorter D. (2012). Minority languages through the lens of the linguistic landscape. In D. Gorter H. F. Marten & L. Van Mensel (Eds.) Minority languages in the linguistic landscape (pp. 319–323). UK: Palgrave Macmillan. []

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Your brief is to write a project brief that includes a set of recommendations for redesigning the linguistic landscape (visual, linguistic, aural and oral) of a setting where language(s) and literacy/ies are key issues. You will need to think about the existing language use in this setting, how existing language uses shape the existing linguistic landscape and the changes needed to redesign the linguistic landscape to achieve a specific objective (e.g. to increase plurilingual behaviours) in this setting.

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