Research Proposal, Sampling Plan, and Focus Group Study Discussion Study

Research Proposal, Sampling Plan, and Focus Group Study Discussion Study

Assignment one Name Course Tutor: University Department Date Question one Qualitative research is that kind of research which is exploratory in nature. It is importance in conducting a survey in that it allows the process of motivations reasons and even opinions not forgetting the most important role which is developing ideas while on the other side quantitative research is research which is used in the process of making sure that it quantifies problems through generating data which is numerical into statistics usable form. It is also important in making sure that it quantifies opinions which are helpful in the process of facts university reports as this is the time which students look for accommodation. This is the prime period of getting the best feedback. Participants of the study This will include students staffs of university the local citizens and Maysoon team. All this are relevant in giving a positive feedback. Ethical consideration Use of formal language will be encouraged. The dressing code should be formal. Time management is key References BERNARD H. R. (. R. 1940-. (2013). RESEARCH METHODS IN ANTHROPOLOGY: QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE APPROACHES. UNITED STATES. (1977). Housing and urban development in the United Arab Emirates. Washington Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. []

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– Distinguish between qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research designs and describe techniques used in both types of research, illustrating your answer with a research design for Mazeli Al Thani. – Conduct a literature review on the market for affordable housing in UAE, and use it to develop a research proposal with a clear articulation of a research objective, and research question(s). – Based on the research proposal you developed in Assignment 1 and my feedback; develop a sampling plan for a quantitative survey of respondents in Dubai. You will discuss type of sampling (probability Vs non-probability); sample size; and how to reach the respondents). – Design a focus group discussion study with the following parameters: Number of Groups; Composition of groups in terms of Demographics; how to sample the participants; which setting to hold the focus groups; and other relevant information). Justify your recommendations.

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